Mile Stone

  • 1. Winner of the best stage magician award of India in 1973 at Jaipur.

  • 2. The only writer on magic subjects.

  • 3. Regular column writer of Dharmyug, Parag, Surya, Nandan and 70 News Paper of India and abrod.

  • 4.The only magician of India whose T.V. film of an hour was filmed by Govt. of India.

  • 5. The only magician who traveled throughout the glove in the age of 26.

  • 6. The highest collection of record everywhere.

  • 7. Video film was made by Swiss T.V. People.

  • 8. Late. Smt. Indira Gandhi and her family members enjoyed one hour show in 1980.

  • 9. Performed countless charity shows for the Rotary Club, Lions Club, Gaints International , Jacyees, Police welfare, Army welfare, Bangladesh Refugee etc.

  • 10. Organised world first Magic Competition and first children magic  compition for the shake of magic.

  • 11. Demand for the first time for magic in universities, magic Finance Corporation, postage stamp of late SORCAR, cultral exchange shows in abroad etc.