Few lines on Nigam From

                                                                    Dr Pankaj Shukla (New Editor Danik Bhaskar)

    The real story begins from a marble surrounded city situated in the heart of India, Jabalpur. On 15th of march 1948. The multicolour festival 'Holi' day a boy was born in the well known business family. Pandits told the parents the boy is very very lucky. They suggested his name " SHAYAM KANT NIGAM" 

    Now this name has become symonios all over the world in the field of modern magic. A leading news daily once remarked Really the magic world is incomplete without Nigam magic and nigam are synonymons of magic.

    A postgraduate in commerce from the jabalpur University, Nigam is profolic writer on magic subject. Nigam has performed his famous "MAYAMAHAL"  in various part of India, Germany, Switzerland,  England, Egypt, Japan, Australia, fiji etc. with a team of 18 trained assistants background music of orchestra, German lighting affects, glamorous stage setting are the other highlights of the Nigam magic show. Nigam's show was highly appreciated by the International Media and people. He id on Headlines of the dalies and magazines since the year 1968.

Nigam performed a number of shows in the charity of Rotary Club, Lions Club, Educational and cultural organizations. He has started "MILAN" magic department to promote magic art as a social service and attuactive business for unemployeds.

    He is in Television Film many times. Former Prime minister smt. Indira Gandhi  approciated him.



Prime minister  Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Shri Rahul Gandhi, Smt. Priyanka Gandhi 26 Aug. 1980